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La camiseta térmica para hombre RDX combina estilo y funcionalidad para evolucionar tu experiencia de entrenamiento. Confeccionada con tejido que cumple la normativa REACH y certificado OEKO-TEX 100, esta camiseta garantiza comodidad y durabilidad. Su diseño elegante, ajustado y extraíble incluye paneles especiales en las axilas para una movilidad sin restricciones. El logotipo reflectante en la parte delantera y una tira en la espalda garantizan la visibilidad en los entrenamientos al aire libre. Esta camiseta ofrece una retención del calor superior y una capacidad de sudoración 5 veces mayor para una reducción eficaz del peso del agua, ayudando a los atletas y entusiastas del fitness en su camino. Las costuras planas añaden durabilidad a esta prenda de fitness esencial.

  • Conforme a REACH y con certificación OEKO-TEX 100.
  • Tejido elástico Instant Sweat™ recubierto de PU para una transpiración 5 veces mayor
  • Diseño elegante, que se ajusta a la forma y se puede poner y quitar fácilmente
  • Paneles extendidos en las axilas para mayor movilidad y comodidad
  • Logotipo y banda reflectantes en la parte delantera y trasera para una mejor visibilidad
  • Costuras planas para una mayor durabilidad
  • Agarre elástico especial de silicona antideslizante alrededor de los bordes para un ajuste ceñido
  • Ayuda a los atletas y entusiastas del fitness a acelerar la reducción del peso del agua
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Color: Black
Size: M


What is a sweat T-shirt?

A sweat T-shirt is a style of clothing that is made from a soft fabric designed to increase sweat production during physical activity.

How does it differ from a regular T-shirt?

The primary distinction lies in the choice of materials. Sweat T-shirts are crafted from advanced heat-reflective PU fabrics, engineered to promote perspiration and calorie burn. In contrast, traditional T-shirts are predominantly fashioned from cotton or other such fabrics, prioritising comfort and style over enhanced workout benefits.

Is it suitable for workouts and casual wear?

Yes, a sweat T-shirt is suitable for both workouts and casual wear. Its sweat-inducing properties make it perfect for intense physical activity, while its comfortable fit and stylish designs make it versatile enough to be worn in everyday situations.

Is it comfortable for all-day wear?

Sweat T-shirts are designed to provide comfort during workouts, and they include a crucial element for user well-being: hydration. These T-shirts offer a form-fitting, pull-on design with extended underarm panels for enhanced mobility and comfort. Plus, remember to stay adequately hydrated while using them to ensure a safe and balanced workout experience, as prolonged perspiration can lead to dehydration.

What are some of the features of a men's sweat T-shirt?

The workout sweat t-shirt comes in a stylish, form-fitting design. It is easy to wear, and has a special anti-slip silicone elastic grip for a snug fit. It also features a reflective logo on front and a strip on the back for enhanced visibility.

How can a men's sweat T-shirt enhance workouts?

The sweat t-shirt for exercising helps in your workouts by inducing up to 5 times more sweat. It has flat-locked seams which add more to durability, and a special heat reflective inner surface to induce more heat. The comfortable fit allows for a full range of motion, making it easier to perform exercises correctly.

Are there specific sizes for RDX sweat T shirt for men?

It is available in six different sizes. You can get a size that works best for you.

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